Gallery & Testimonials


“What a wonderful send off Dad got at Belsay in May, a most peaceful environment that could not be better thought of. Dad lived  and worked at Wallridge, and the family went to Belsay for walks and play many times, and the surrounding areas, so when Belay launched the Woodland Burial Ground, what an appropriate place to lay down. The area is surrounded in peace and tranquillity. We cannot thank Laura and her staff enough for a wonderful day, and especially Sam the pony that took Dad to the Burial Grounds, as Dad worked with ponies and horses, on farms it was very apt for him. Dad was the first person to be buried there and it was akin to returning home.” 

– Mrs Lucy Crossman, daughter-in-law to Mr George Crossman who was buried with us on 9th May 2018.


“Thank you for making it possible to give my husband the funeral that he wanted.” 

– Mrs Ruth Baxter, wife of Mr Ron Baxter who was buried with us on 22nd June 2018.


“I just wanted to say that if you can ever have an enjoyable funeral then this was it.  Sam taking mum to her final resting place was perfect and the feeling of peace I had throughout made it so much easier than it could otherwise have been.

So many people said afterwards it was a beautiful place so thank you again.”

– Gail Brown, daughter of Barbara Cawthorn who was buried with us on 29th October 2018.