Why Belsay Woodland Burial?

Many people feel a wonderful affinity to Belsay – it has a special spirit.

For some it is the wonderful history of the medieval castle and the extraordinary Greek style Hall, owned and lived in by the Middleton family since the 1300s; for others it is the magical ‘other-worldliness’ of Belsay’s famous quarry garden; while there are those that just appreciate the beautiful countryside, ever changing with the seasons, yet always remaining the same.  Some local families have lived in the area for generations and others have just enjoyed Belsay as a wonderful place to visit, enjoy a walk, or just sit and reflect.

That special ‘Belsay spirit’ runs deep and imbues everything the Estate does.  We are custodians of this extraordinary heritage and landscape, protecting and revitalising it for future generations.

Belsay Woodland Burial Ground is a key part of our stewardship: with sensitive tree planting and careful management, we aim to create a beautiful woodland and a wonderful, natural memorial for loved ones that will remain forever.