Pet Memorial Garden

When we decided to open Belsay Woodland Burials, it was really important to us to have a Pet Memorial Garden.  Our own pets play an enormous part in our lives here at Belsay.  As a family we have two miniature, long-haired dachshunds, Merry and Uno, and two lurchers, Titch and Beanie, as well as a black cat called Pop who very much rules the roost!  We also have a number of horses and ponies.  They are all huge characters and we adore them – they enrich are lives every day but, of course, part of having pets is the knowledge that one day we will have to say goodbye.

The Pet Memorial Garden at Belsay is a beautiful ‘resting place’ for your pet.  Somewhere that you can continue to visit, enjoy a walk, or just sit a while, remembering and reflecting.

We are happy to bury your pet or inter its ashes.  As with all our burials, pet coffins, caskets or urns must be made of bio-degradable materials.  We cannot scatter ashes as this will adversely affect the eco system of the woodland.

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