Planning Ahead

Putting our affairs in order is something many of us want to do as we get older; writing a will and, increasingly, making our own funeral plan.  Many people find it reassuring to plan in advance where they will be laid to rest.   Knowing that you will be part of a natural environment, in a place that you love, is a comforting thought. You can also plan to be buried alongside your partner or other members of your family.

Purchasing a Burial Plot in advance can be done with us directly or via your Funeral Director as part of an overall funeral plan.  The advantage of a pre-purchase is that the price is fixed at the time of purchase.  Payment in instalments can also be arranged.  Please do contact us for further information on planning ahead.

The purchase of a burial plot is for the exclusive right of burial in that plot only, and does not confer ownership of the ground or any other rights.  If you purchase a plot in advance you will be given a Right of Burial Certificate.  This will show the type of plot chosen and its location, using co-ordinates generated using permanent markers, or trig points, within the site.  Plots are released in phases and you can choose between a large number of plots at any given time.  A plan of Belsay Woodland Burial Ground, with the position of each grave clearly marked, is available to view by appointment at the Office.

“I know where I’m going, I know where I’m going to be.
I know where I’m going to lie, ‘neath the shade of an English Oak tree.
In the Northumbrian countryside, next the fields of rape and wheat.
Where the crackle of the willow is sighing and earth and heaven meet”.

From Peter Cornelius Prescott (2020)