Price List

Our pricing is broken down into three parts: purchase of the Grave Plot, which is your Exclusive Right of Burial, the Interment Registration Fee and Grave Digging.  Items such as Memorial Trees and Memorial Stones must also be purchased through us.  We can also provide the services of our own pony, Sam, and our specially adapted coffin cart, if you so wish.  The services of a Minister or Celebrant should be arranged and paid for directly or via your Funeral Director. However, we are happy to provide you with a list of Ministers and Celebrants known to Belsay Woodland Burials.

Grave Plot Purchase/Exclusive Right of Burial

This is paid either in advance or at the time of need.  The advantage of a pre-paid plot is that the price is fixed at the time of purchase and payment in instalments can also be arranged.

Burial Plot = £850

Double Burial Plot = £1,600

Ashes Plot = £400

Double Ashes Plot = £750

Interment Registration Fee

This is only paid at the time of the funeral and covers the prevailing costs of funeral administration, mapping of the grave location, certifying the burial and entering the details into the Register of Burials.

Interment Registration Fee = £350


This is only paid at the time of the Funeral.  Costs may vary dependent on the size of plot.

Gravedigging = £300 – £400

Preparation of an Ashes Plot = £75.00

Memorial Stones

A4 sized plaque carved with names and dates on to a 1.5″ thick green/black local slate/sandstone and cost from £110 each (excludes lettering at £3 per letter).

VAT is payable on all memorials.

Memorial Trees

Trees = £80 (includes planting, care and maintenance plus replacement in the first five years).

Shrubs = £40 (includes planting, care and maintenance plus replacement in the first five years).

A5 sized Memorial Slate to be hung on tree/shrub = £100 (includes name and dates)

VAT is payable on all memorials.

Memorial Benches

Hardwood Benches/ Seats can be ordered via the office at a cost of £205 per seat/£300 per bench.  A local craftsman is able to engrave your choice of text at an additional cost of £12 per letter.

VAT is payable on all memorials.

Pony and Coffin Cart

For the services of our Belsay Woodland Burials resident pony, Sam, and our coffin cart to transport the deceased to the burial plot.

Sam and his cart = £100

Hire of Blacksmith’s Barn, Belsay Village

To hire the Blacksmith’s Barn for a gathering or service before or after a burial.

Reception Room = £150 per hour.  Vat is payable on the hire of the reception room.

Please contact us to discuss your catering requirements on 01661 881206.