The Burial Process

Our staff are on hand to support and help you arrange a burial for a loved one or make arrangements for yourself in the future.

Burial Plot Purchase

The purchase of a burial plot is for the right of burial in that plot only, and does not confer ownership of the ground or any other rights.  An Exclusive Right of Burial Certificate will be issued which shows the type of plot chosen and its location, using co-ordinates generated using permanent markers, or trig points, within the site.  Plots are released in phases and you can choose between a large number of plots at any given time.  A plan of Belsay Woodland Burial Ground, with the position of each grave clearly marked, is available to view by appointment at the Office.

Coffin Burial

Like all Natural Burial Grounds, we welcome only bio-degradable, non-toxic coffins or shrouds, so all fixtures and fittings, including pillows should be made from natural fibres.  The definition of a biodegradable coffin is one that is without any plastics, chipboard, harmful paints or toxic glues.  Wooden coffins are permitted providing they come from certifiably sustained and renewable sources, and that all parts are biodegradable (including handles).  Homemade coffins that meet these criteria are acceptable.  Personal possessions can be buried, as long as they are made from natural materials.

There is now a wide range of environmentally acceptable alternatives to the traditional coffin, from woollen shrouds to felt eco-pods, or hand-painted cardboard coffins to hand-woven wicker caskets – we are happy to advise you and provide you with a list of suitable suppliers.

Ashes Interment

As with coffin burials, cremated remains must be interred in biodegradable containers.  No cremated remains shall be scattered as this causes the soil PH to change and compromise the ecosystem.  All cremated remains need a Certificate of Cremation before they can be interred.

Back Filling of Burial Plots

All burial plots are back filled by Belsay Woodland Burials after the funeral service has finished and all members of the party have left the site.  If family members would like to take part in or observe the back filling, we are happy to make arrangements.