Memorial Benches & Seats

Hardwood Benches and Seats can be purchased and engraved with your choice of lettering.  Benches must be purchased from, supplied and installed by Belsay Woodland Burials.

Engraving is additional and costs £12 per letter + vat

Lutyens Bench – 3 seater (£300 + vat)

Lutyens Seat (£205 + vat)

Banana Bench – 3 seater (£300 + vat)

Banana Seat (£205 + vat)

Classic Park Bench – 3 Seater (£300 + vat)

Please note that there is an additional charge for each bench/seat ordered of £32.50 + vat which is for the three coats of preservative applied prior to the bench/seat being placed out in the Burial Ground.

VAT is payable on all memorials including benches and engraving.

Please contact the office for further information t: 01661 881206 e: