Visiting the Burial Ground

You are very welcome to visit Belsay Woodland Burials.  The site is open 365 days a year, although the office operates in normal business hours, Monday to Friday.  This is a special, tranquil place, so we ask that you please look at our Regulations of Use and respect them. 

 Please may we remind you of the following:

  • Visitors enter Belsay Woodland Burial Ground at their own risk and are reminded that the ground may be uneven, muddy and slippery. Please wear suitable, sturdy footwear.
  • Only fresh flowers can be left on site, with no cellophane wrapping or containers of any kind.   No planting of trees, shrubs, flowers or bulbs, or scattering of seeds is allowed without the express permission of the Estate.
  • Please be aware that there may be a burial or ceremony taking place at the time of your visit and respect the privacy of families attending.
  • Belsay Woodland Burial Ground is a natural environment.  There are no litter bins on site so please remove any litter and leave the site as you find it.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a short lead and owners are responsible for picking up and removing any mess.
  • Belsay Woodland Burial Ground is open 365 days a year.  Please note that at certain times, access to individual graves may be restricted, for instance, when an adjacent grave is being dug.
  • All visitors enter the site at their own risk and take care on uneven, muddy or slippery ground.  Please wear appropriate, sturdy footwear.
  • The Estate reserves the right to close all or part of the Site at any time in the interests of public safety.
  • Please give due consideration, privacy and respect to any funeral, memorial or burial services taking place.  Please turn off any mobile phones.
  • Please do not place any ornaments, toys, photographs or other memorials on graves.  Only simple stone memorials or trees provided by our suppliers are allowed.
  • Only fresh flowers may be left on site.  No cellophane, containers, such as vases, pots, bottles or baskets are permitted.  Funeral arrangements may be left immediately after a burial and will be removed by the Estate soon after.
  • We reserve the right to remove anything found on the Site that is deemed inappropriate for a natural burial ground, such as plastic flowers, wind charms or toys etc.
  • Please do not pick, cut or prune flowers, trees or shrubs on Site.  All maintenance work is to be carried out by the Estate. No planting of bulbs, flowers, seeds, unless expressly approved by the Estate.  Please appreciate that we are creating and maintaining a natural environment.
  • Please do not try to attach anything on to any trees or shrubs on site.  Please do not deface trees.